January 20, 2021

Where Are They Now – Kim Oyama

Since graduating from LHES, class of 2008 valedictorian Kim Oyama has built a career in computer science and engineering. She started her college years at the University of Hawaii in Hilo and went on exchange to Northern Arizona University (NAU) during her junior year. She ended up transferring to NAU and completed her computer science and computer engineering degree there in 2013.

Kim now lives north of Los Angeles in the county of Ventura in Ojai. She works as a computer engineer for the Navy out of Port Hueneme. More recently, Kim has been supporting a new radar system and conducts ongoing system assistance out of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. In her free time, she enjoys getting away from the screens and exploring the surrounding nature with her dog, Shadow.

While Ojai has beautiful hiking trails and seaside escapes close by, Kim says there is much to miss about Lanai. Her parents and aunties and uncles are still on the island, so she tries to return every chance she gets. “I miss the food, family and going down to places like Kaumalapau on the weekends.”

“Where are they now?” features alumni from Lanai High and Elementary School to see what they’ve been up to since graduation.

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