October 14, 2020

Where Are They Now – James Ishizaki

Growing up, James Ishizaki could often be found drawing. He followed his creative and artistic passions and majored in film animation at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He now lives and works in Honolulu as a graphic designer for Snack Addicted, a snack shop known for local flavors and handmade crispy beef jerky chips.

In addition to designing for the company, James creates and sells his original artwork under his brand Jimmy Sparrow. His merchandise can be found at the Snack Addicted shop, Ben Franklin Crafts in Kaimuki and online at

James fully embraces city life and has been integrating into the local artist community in Honolulu. However, he still maintains a connection to Lanai and tries to visit close friends and family whenever possible.

“As much as I love living in Honolulu, one thing I miss about Lanai is being able to get away from everything when you just need a break,” James reflected. “When life gets a bit too hectic, I definitely appreciate being able to come home to Lanai to just catch a breath.”

“Where are they now?” features alumni from Lanai High and Elementary School to see what they’ve been up to since graduation.

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