November 22, 2023

Where Are They Now – Foster Rabaca

After Foster Rabaca graduated from LHES in 2017, his love of sports and storytelling propelled him to continue his education at Honolulu Community College on Oahu. After a year, Foster left Hawaii for California State University, Sacramento (CSU). Initially focused on journalism, he later shifted to a field that combined movement and healing.

Switching Paths in College

Foster’s college journey began in sports journalism. However, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic led him to reconsider his choices and he found that he wasn’t as interested in the writing aspect of journalism as he initially thought. This realization prompted a change in major to kinesiology health science.

“I wanted to get into something I guess more active,” says Foster. “So I switched to physical therapy and that was my love always, it was sports so I stayed close to it.”

He also says that his time on the high school physical fitness team played a major role in his choice to pursue physical therapy. According to Foster, it taught him the importance of taking care of one’s body and the significance of maintaining good health.

Outside of academics and sports, Foster has a keen interest in traveling. When he’s not studying, he spends his free time visiting new places, whether it’s local spots in California or other interesting destinations like Las Vegas.

“It’s all about exploring for me. I’ve actually made good friends that I can call family here,” says Foster. “It’s a great experience just to be by yourself and make new friends and new memories.”

Returning Home with New Skills

As Foster nears graduation from CSU, he’s already focused on what comes next. He plans to attend graduate school, specializing in physical therapy. After completing his education, Foster says he wants to return to Hawaii, with plans to work in the medical field and serve his community.

Having been born and raised on Lanai and then stepping out to live on his own for the first time, Foster also encourages those contemplating similar leaps to remain open to the countless learning opportunities that come with new experiences.

“Don’t hold yourself back from reaching your full potential,” says Foster. “You only have one life. Just live it to the fullest to the best of your abilities.”

“Where are they now?” features alumni from Lanai High and Elementary School, shedding light on their journeys post-graduation.

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