November 21, 2022

What Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving almost here, we asked residents around town what they’re thankful for. Here’s what your neighbors and friends said:

Chelsa Clarabel

Chelsa Clarabel : I am thankful for LIFE because of the grateful experiences and opportunities that have been gifted to me throughout my life.

Edita Tajiri

Edita Tajiri: I love Lanai because people will stop to talk story.

Ernie Loo

Ernie Loo: I am thankful for loved ones and friends, and am fortunate to be living on Lanai.

Jade Kaniho

Jade Kaniho: I am thankful for family, friends, teachers, and the breath of life.

Jayson Medeiros

Jayson Medeiros: I am thankful for my neighbors because they are all around good, giving people.

Joshua Ige

Joshua Ige: I am thankful for my family, friends, and LHES faculty and all the people who help me on this island.

Josie Sturm

Josie Sturm: I am thankful for a wonderful life where we are healthy and happy.

Liran Ozeri

Liran Ozeri: I am thankful for my community for taking care of each other.

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