August 11, 2016

Pulama Lanai Wildlife Program

Photo of monk seals lying on Lanai beach.

The Pulama Lanai Wildlife Program has started doing surveys of Lanai’s coastlines to learn more about how protected wildlife, like endangered Hawaiian monk seals and threatened Hawaiian green sea turtles, use different areas of the island. We are starting to make some interesting observations!

The two seals in this video are both males – an adult and a subadult – and the adult male hasn’t been seen in two years! He was born in 2001 on Kahoolawe and has a long scar on his back from when he had an injury that was treated by the NOAA Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program. It’s exciting to learn more about the wildlife that calls Lanai home and contribute to understanding how animals like monk seals use islands across the state!

Remember to enjoy wildlife from a distance.

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