March 8, 2023

We love our pets!

Article originally published in Lanai Today.

In celebration of National Love Your Pet Day on February 20, Lanai Today put a call out on social media and asked community members to send in photos of their pets — and the photos came rolling in! As we read through the submissions, one thing became apparent: our pets play an important role in bringing happiness to our everyday lives.

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Lena (mom), Loki (uncle): 8 years; Wielo (dad): 4 years; Odin, Cotton, Missy (Lena’s and Wielo’s offspring): 3 years

Owner: David Carlson

Luna, 4 years

Owner: Genalyn and Duke

Cat, 16 years

Owner: Genalyn and Duke

Snickers, 16 years

Owner: Diane Irons

Ludo, 3 years

Owner: Jolie Hamm

Whisky Plunkett Masicampo, 5 years

Owner: Josette Plunkett

Kong, 5 years

Owner: Josh and Maria Bunting

Kiwi (Green Check Parrot), 1 year; Zoey (cat), 4 years

Owner: Joy Maggard

Yoona, 3 years

Owner: Mindy Bolo

Kimbo, 13 years

Owner: Shelly Barfield

Coco, 5 years

Owner: Janet Cortez

Toulouse, 18 years

Owner: Kathy and Mike Carroll

Frankie, 3 years

Owner: Anne Van Valkenburg

Maka, 1 year

Owner: Harrilynn and AJ

Mopsey, 1 year

Owner: The Kahihikolo Family

Max, 10 years

Owner: Gianna Reilly

BJ, 18 years

Owner: Levina Inaba

Bubbles, 5 years

Owner: Anita (Saranillo) Fuertes & Dennis Fuertes

Dash Masuno, 6 years

Owner: Jolene Sugiyama-Segault

Kobe, 4 years

Owner: Jolene Sugiyama-Segault

Roxy (left), 16 years and Snookie (right), 14 years

Owner: Alec & Raine Pascua

Bliss, 12 years

Owner: Edward and Terri Lynn Cousley

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We love our pets!