September 13, 2017

Marine Biology Enthusiast Teaches Second Grade

Lanai school teacher Rachel Lauter stands in front of her classroom.

Lanai school teacher Rachel Lauter stands in front of her classroom.Rachel Lauter is just a ferry ride away from her old home. Before moving to Lanai in May, she lived in Lahaina and Upcountry Maui for six years. While she didn’t have to travel far to get to Lanai, just one island over, the difference in lifestyle is apparent.

“You really don’t know how small it is until you’re in it. It’s very different from Maui. Here there are so many familiar faces,” she said.

Some other differences include the marine life she’s seen while snorkeling at Hulopoe. Having worked as a marine naturalist at the Maui Ocean Center, Ms. Lauter noted, “There are so many different types of fish that are not seen on Maui. There is no over-fishing.”

This past summer, she had the opportunity to use her background in marine science to work with Lanai students in the marine biology program, Kanai Kanaloa. She found that the students “felt connected to the Hawaiian culture.”

Now that the school year’s started, Ms. Lauter is excited to be in the classroom with Lanai students.

“I’m happy to be here and am enjoying second grade. My kids are welcoming and kind-hearted.”

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