September 22, 2016

Alaskan snow bird comes to Lanai

Photo of Pam Hagan on campus at Lanai school.
Photo of Pam Hagan on campus at Lanai school.

Pam Hagan teaches third grade at Lanai High and Elementary School.

New third grade teacher Pam Hagan moved to Lanai only a couple of days before school started, but she already feels at home in Lanai’s close-knit community.

Ms. Hagan appreciates the housing assistance available to teachers on the island, and she is very thankful for the level of support she has received as a newcomer to the island.

Hagan was encouraged to join the LHES family by a friend who also works at the school. “I prefer to work at rural schools over city schools,” says Hagan. The Tennessee native had been living in Alaska, and enjoyed being immersed in the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

One of her most treasured experiences living up North was visiting the hot springs. “Imagine the weather is below freezing and you get into a natural hot spring pool up to your neck. Your hair freezes solid from the steam and cold air,” says Hagan. “It was one of the coolest things I did in Alaska.”

Hagan loves to hike too, and she is looking forward to discovering hikes on Lanai – Munro trail in particular. Hagan welcomes any recommendations you may have on hikes and areas to explore!

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