September 27, 2016

Welcome Mrs. Roth and family!

Photo of teacher Kelly Roth on campus at Lanai school.
Photo of teacher Kelly Roth on campus at Lanai school.

Kelly Roth teaches third grade at Lanai High and Elementary School.

Kelly Roth, another new third grade teacher, moved to Lanai the day before instruction began, with her husband and six children in tow. The Roth family moved to Lanai from Michigan, and have discovered that Lanai is wonderfully unique. “It’s great that we can walk anywhere and see people in many different capacities,” says Mrs. Roth. “For example, you pay the same person for your gas at LCS as the person who processes your deposits at the bank.”

In the classroom, Mrs. Roth appreciates how sweet her students are. “It’s different than anywhere else,” she insists. Mrs. Roth is very “arty and crafty” in her approach to life, a quality her third grade students will be sure to enjoy.

During her time off, Mrs. Roth likes doing fun activities with her kids, which includes hiking and time spent at the beach. “We’re looking forward to exploring the Munro Trail as soon as possible!” says Mrs. Roth. Be sure to reach out to Mrs. Roth and her family, they’re quite happy settling into the Lanai way of life!

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