June 5, 2015

Lanai Residents Shape Up With Fitness Ranes Boot Camp

Group of women exercising outdoors at park.

The saying “No pain, no gain,” couldn’t be truer for the 25 community members enrolled in boot camp-style training with Honolulu fitness coach Chris Ranes. Their muscles may be burning, but in just five weeks they’ve gotten stronger, fitter and are more motivated than ever.

The Fitness Ranes Lanai program touts cross-functional training for all fitness levels. The workouts pose a challenge for beginners and experienced workout buffs alike. Each exercise can be tailored to different intensities, and ramped up as progress is made each and every week.

Above all, Fitness Ranes’ mission is to support, encourage, and motivate all trainees with safe and effective workouts.

Playground workout not just for kids

Ranes’ philosophy of “functional training” is clearly reflected in the structure of the program, which runs for 10 weeks on Lanai. Those up for the challenge take part in an outdoor workout at Lanai Community Playground with the park’s play equipment integrated into the workout.

The Fitness Ranes team has introduced residents to equipment many had never worked with before — battling ropes, kettlebells and suspension trainers. Participants engaged muscle groups they didn’t even know they had!

Setting a foundation for community fitness

Soon, Lanai will have its very own Fitness Ranes trainers on island. A few community members have completed an internship to gain the experience needed to lead Fitness Ranes boot camps after the 10-week program wraps up.

The Fitness Ranes Lanai program marks its halfway point this week, but it’s not too late to get in on the action. Group workouts are 5:30–6:30 p.m. on Mondays at Lanai Community Playground until July 6. Contact MaryLou Kaukeano at 808-215-1075 by Monday, June 8 to sign up for five weeks of functional training for $50.

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