May 10, 2023

Community comes together for first-ever adult flag football league

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Our island is known for its natural beauty, but it’s also home to a growing community of flag football enthusiasts. This year, the Lanai High & Elementary School Foundation launched its first-ever adult flag football league, drawing in around 100 participants from Lanai, Maui and Oahu.

The league’s founder, Natalie Ropa, had a clear goal in mind when she started the program.

“I felt like we were losing coaches and referees so I’m hoping through this adult league that we can get more interest in these roles when I run the youth league,” Ropa says.

Teams take to the field at Dole Park every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., showcasing their skills and sportsmanship.

Participants in the league come from all walks of life, including construction workers, residents, and former high school athletes. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they share a passion for the sport and a commitment to supporting youth athletics on the island.

“For our adults they all play against each other but having the two off-island teams makes it a little more exciting,” Ropa says. “It’s a good community event where families can come, bring their blankets and watch their dads play.”

Registration costs $40 per person and all proceeds go directly to the youth flag football program. Teams can no longer enter but people can join an existing team to play.

The championship game is scheduled for June 13, 2023. Anyone interested in learning more can contact Ropa at

Photos courtesy of Natalie Ropa.

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