January 10, 2018

Have a Healthy New Year With Lanai Community Health Center

Exterior sign at Lanai Community Health Center on Lanai

Exterior sign at Lanai Community Health Center on LanaiFor many people, the start of a new year represents an opportunity to focus on their health and wellness. But without a plan in place, even the most heartfelt resolutions to quit smoking, lose weight and eat better often go unmet.

Lanai Community Health Center can help. Lanai Community Health Center provides health services to residents of all ages, with an emphasis on underinsured and uninsured populations. It also offers a variety of fitness classes open to the Lanai community and programs that empower its patients to take care of their health.

Classes for all ages and fitness levels

Fitness resolutioners will find that Lanai Community Health Center has a robust class schedule to help them meet their goals, from yoga and tai chi (the most popular class) to boxing and total body circuit.

It wasn’t always this way. When Lanai Community Health Center first started its fitness program in 2015, there were just three class offerings. Once word began to spread, people from around the community came forward and offered their expertise as instructors, expanding the program to 19 different classes in two years. Class participation has increased sevenfold.

“A small community knows what it’s like to rely on each other. Instead of having to broadcast that we need instructors, they came to us,” explained Diana Shaw, the center’s executive director. “They often have day jobs elsewhere, but they teach because it’s all about being a part of the community and working together.”

Many of the instructors have impressive credentials. Newcomers may find themselves taking a yoga class from a Four Seasons instructor, or learning tai chi from Johnny Depp’s stunt double.

“If you look at our classes, there isn’t one person who wouldn’t be able to find something to suit their needs and age group,” said Monique Bolo, one of two wellness coordinators at the center.

“We have four-year-olds doing gymnastics, seniors doing tai chi,” added Kendra Medeiros, another wellness coordinator. “People go every day because they love it and form a camaraderie with each other.”

Classes are free to the community, but donations are encouraged to continue to support the fitness program. To receive the monthly class calendar, contact Bolo at or Medeiros at

Programs to help you live well

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity may wish to take control of their health in the new year by eating healthier and exercising. Health center patients can get extra help with their health resolutions through the center’s many programs.

Lanai Community Health Center recently brought in a diabetes educator and nutritionist to help patients who need to make changes to their diet. Other resources include smoking cessation and stress reduction services.

In order to increase participation and success, Lanai Community Health Center has created incentives for making healthy choices. Patients earn points at fitness classes and can redeem them for prizes such as exercise equipment or even a complimentary massage.

Coordinated community healthcare

Providers, wellness coordinators and community health workers all collaborate to help patients improve their health.

Patients are encouraged to discuss their health goals with their provider to get recommendations and referrals to certain services at the center. Fitness classes are open to all patients and members of the community — all you need to do is show up.

“Our programs work together with a concentration on prevention to help individuals live healthier,” said Shaw. “We want to be your partner and holistically take care of you.”

Lanai Community Health Center

333 Sixth Street
808) 565-6919

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