June 1, 2018

Hats Off to the Class of 2018!

Excitement hung in the air on the afternoon of Saturday, May 26, as 41 LHES seniors turned their tassels at the class of 2018 commencement ceremony.

Parents, teachers, relatives and community members turned out with leis, posters and balloons, filling the Pedro Dela Cruz Gym to watch their grads take the stage.

A celebratory occasion

As the students filed in wearing their green and yellow caps and gowns, a slideshow played in the background, showing small-kid time photos and senior portraits of each graduate.

Class valedictorian Keona Conroy-Humphrey and salutatorian Millena Calilao each addressed their peers in meaningful speeches. The students also received words of wisdom from keynote speaker Nainoa Thompson, renowned Native Hawaiian navigator and president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

To close the ceremony, the seniors sang their class song, One Republic’s “I Lived.” Then, they left the gym and met outside at the torch statue for the first time as graduates.

In keeping with LHES tradition, the class of 2018 climbed on the torch statue and draped their leis on top. Friends and family met them on the grassy lawn to give more leis, hugs and congratulations.

Growing together

Commencement is often an emotional time, especially at LHES, where many students grow up together from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“This class is very special,” said Beth Conroy-Humphrey, who served as the class advisor since the students’ freshman year. Over the past four years, she helped them complete personal transition plans, create resumes, research college and career options, and prepare for the transition to the next stage in their lives. “It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with them so closely — I’ve learned a lot, as much as I’ve taught them.”

With Conroy-Humphrey’s guidance, students are well prepared academically and personally to succeed in their post-graduate plans. They were even able to learn from past LHES graduates. Conroy-Humphrey organized speaking sessions throughout the year with alumni to have them share their higher education and career experiences.

“We had the seniors do a lot of self-reflection this year, to ask themselves where they’re at right now and what they want to do,” she added.

Saying goodbye to this class is especially emotional for Conroy-Humphrey, whose twin daughters graduated on Saturday with their peers.

“I wish all our graduates the best of luck in whatever they’re transitioning to, whether it’s work, college, the military or something else,” she said. “I hope they come back and share their experiences with me and with the rest of the students on Lanai.”

Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 2018:

  • Florenz Nicole Agamanos
  • Jake Ballesteros
  • Millena Calilao
  • Micah Camaquin
  • Charlin Clarabal
  • Jasmine Conroy-Humphrey
  • Keona Conroy-Humphrey
  • Emma Mae de Brum
  • Indiya Del Rosario
  • Samuel Dunwell
  • Jemelle John Dulay
  • Bechelle Elaydo
  • Tiffany Fernandez
  • Christian Galapon
  • Mario Galinato-Silva
  • Rylan Gani
  • Kayla Garcia
  • Benjamin Griffin
  • Desmond Ige
  • Kealohilani Kahoohalahala
  • Brian Kaopuiki-Galiza
  • Kaliko Lopez
  • Amalia Eve McElroy
  • Tabitha Medeiros
  • Kent Miyose
  • Absydee Molina
  • Leslie Nabor
  • Isaiah Nakano
  • Alex Natividad Jr.
  • Shaelynn Noble
  • Josiah Nohara
  • Kaiholena Ohashi
  • Faatoa Olomua
  • Jesse Raqueno
  • Adriana Sanchez
  • Chaves Sarme
  • Suzie Sigrah
  • Gerzelle Sunio
  • Alika Tan
  • Arjen Uminga
  • Leah Vidad

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