October 9, 2023

Hawaii International Film Festival


The Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) is back at Hale Keaka! Award-winning films will be playing from October 30-November 1 to showcase creative talent from Hawaii and abroad. Join us for a three-day movie marathon you don’t want to miss.



Tickets can be purchased at 6pm same-day only at the Hale Keaka box office. Tickets are $10 per show or $27 for a three-day pass; three-day passes can be purchased at 6pm on any HIFF day.


Monday, October 30

Made in Hawaii Short Stories
7:00 pm

Presented in multiple parts:
Aikane – 14min
Homestead – 13min
Kala – 20min
My Brother – 8min
Spider – 9min
Sunset on 44 – 19min

From the Kanaka warriors in ancient Hawaii to a Southeast Asian farmer wanting to return home, these local stories represent the spectrum of narrative diversity in small, yet impactful, doses.


Uncle Bully’s Surf Skool
7:30 pm


When a global pandemic decimates the tourism industry across the Hawaiian Islands it means no travel, no tourists, and no surf lessons. Surf instructor Bull Kotter (or ”Bully” as he’s lovingly called) suddenly finds his small business pushed to the brink. So he turns to his community-Lahaina-not for help or a handout, but to give back. From surf culture, to ocean respect, to kindness, Uncle Bully is translating etiquette in the line-up into etiquette in life. This is a film about the power of one person to shape a more hopeful future for the next generation.

All screenings of Uncle Billy’s Surf Skool are Free to the public. These are special event HIFF screenings, featuring Maui-based cast and crew, in support of #MauiStrong.


Tuesday, October 31

Tokyo Cowboy
7:00 pm

1hr 58min

Hideki is a Japanese Salaryman who goes on an unwitting journey of self-discovery when he takes a business trip from Tokyo to a Montana cattle ranch, in the hopes of acquiring it to enter the American market in a hair-brained financial gamble. He soon gets a reality check on ranch life, facing insurmountable challenges from cultural clashes, to riding horses, to driving his rental car where roads don’t exist. For a number cruncher who only cares about widgets, he soon learns the value of people, as he goes through a life changing journey, and identifies a missing element that’s key to his own transformation.



Raging Grace
7:30 pm

1hr 39min

An undocumented Filipina immigrant lands a job as a care-worker for a terminal old man, securing a better life for her and her daughter. But a dark discovery threatens to destroy everything she’s strived for and holds dear.





Wednesday, November 1

The Kanaka Maoli Legacy: New Hawaiian Docs
7:00 pm

Presented in multiple parts:
Hooulu Hou – 17min
Hokulea: Finding the Language of the Navigator – 40min
Ka Aumeume: Navigating Home – 8min
Seeing with Hawaiian Eyes – 14min

From the main doc feature that unpacks wayfinding traditions and the future of Hokulea, these docs represent the multi-facets of Native Hawaiian culture and legacy.



My Partner
7:30 pm

1hr 40min

Pili (Kaipo Dudoit), a Native Hawaiian student-athlete standout, and Edmar (Jayron Munoz), a high-achieving Filipino student, are a part of rival senior class friend groups at Lahainaluna High School, who clash when Edmar’s group is caught overfishing a native species in a restored freshwater stream by Pili’s group. It’s a great setup for rival friend groups from different ethnic backgrounds. But when Edmar and Pili are assigned by a teacher to work on a final semester project together promoting their own cultural backgrounds, they are forced to work together or face failing, which is ix-nay for two overachieving students. Through their interactions working on the project, Pili and Edmar learn more about each other and unexpectedly develop feelings for one another.


For more information, visit the Hawaii International Film Festival.

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