May 20, 2015

Heightened Security At Kaumalapau Harbor

Aerial photo of Kaumalapau Harbor on Lanai.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation – Harbors is not closing the Kaumalapau Harbor for the community’s recreational use. There will, however, be increased security restrictions and periods of closure when the community will not be allowed to come to the harbor. These are Homeland Security requirements to protect Kaumalapau Harbor.

Starting on Friday, May 22, 2015, all non-Young Bros barge arrivals/departures will require the Kaumalapau Harbor to be a secured facility. This will result in the Kaumalapau Harbor not being open during the unloading of the barge and clean-up of the pier area. These non-Young Bros barges are aggregate barges that are bringing material (stone, sand, etc.) for the Manele Bay Hotel renovation. Securitas staff will be on site and will require all Pulama Lanai staff coming to the harbor to present TWIC identification and other proof of their need to be at the Harbor. No community members will be allowed to come to the harbor.

Starting on May 31, 2015, Sunday arrivals of the Young Bros barge will primarily be containers of material for the Manele Bay Hotel renovation. The Kaumalapau Harbor will also be a secured facility on these days and possibly Monday mornings.

For the month of June, 2015, the times when the harbor will be open for the community’s use will primarily be in the afternoons and evenings on set days. This will change in July going forward, as the number of aggregate barge shipments will decrease.

There are no changes to the process for days when the Wednesday Young Bros barge comes to Kaumalapau Harbor. The harbor is secured, and closed to the community on Tuesday morning, all day Wednesday, and Thursday morning.

For the schedule of barge arrivals coming to Kaumalapau Harbor, visit the DOT Harbors site.

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