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Free Certified Nurse Aid Training

- Learn nurse aide and caregiving fundamentals to become a skilled entry-level health care provider for long-term care.
- Prepare for the state examination to earn your Nurse Aide Certification. Exam fee included in tuition sponsorship.
- Receive assistance with internship placement and job search.
- All books, materials and supplies including uniform costs included in sponsorship.

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Core Four Business Planning Course

The course enables development of a realistic, achievable business plan. The six-week, 36-hour course is offered 10 times a year on Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. Financial aid is available through grants from the Maui County Office of Economic Development. The following classes will be held virtually on Zoom.

MEO BDC programs are funded by grants from the Maui County Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, Central Pacific Bank Foundation, and Agape Foundation.

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