December 18, 2014

Around the Square: Lanai Art Center

Photo of exterior of Lanai Art Center.

Aside from the Lanai community, few people know that Lanai is home to a bustling art scene. Many talented painters, photographers, sculptors and other creative folks call Lanai home, which isn’t surprising, considering there is no shortage of beautiful, scenic views and peaceful retreats to inspire creativity. Organized in 1991, Lanai Art Center (LAC) has long been a gathering place for the tight-knit artistic community, and a spot for all residents to nurture their creative sides.

New leadership at Lanai Art Center

And art is about to become even more a part of Lanaians’ lives if LAC’s new executive director, Sarah Jones, has her way. “LAC is a place for everyone to learn about new forms of art, experiment with different media and tap into their creativity. It doesn’t matter if they’re established artists or have never picked up a paintbrush in their lives,” said Jones, “Our classes attract residents of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.”

Jones is a lifelong lover of art and studied it in various forms throughout high school and college. A recent transplant to Lanai with her husband and three young children, she can’t wait to engage the community with new programs and partner with other organizations to see how they can work together to create future programs.

Creative class offerings

LAC currently offers classes at the senior center and partners with LHES to bring art to students, and will hold various adult art classes through December and January with more classes planned in 2015. Workshops with local or visiting artists will also be available, ranging from watercolor instruction (scheduled for Jan. 10–11) to scarf felting (details to be announced soon). LAC even offers Mommy and Me classes, taught by instructor Cindy Sagawa, which encourage parents and children to create art together.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer a wide range of classes, especially ones that engage children and reinforce the importance of creativity at a young age,” said Jones, whose son and daughter are involved in ceramics and kids’ art club at LAC. “One of our goals is to nurture budding artists, so our work with students and children is very important to us. Emerging artists have the opportunity to show and even sell their art in our gallery.”

Currently, the gallery showcases artwork from more than 50 Lanai artists—many volunteer their time to help with retail sales as well. “It’s unique and special to have so many artists in a small community,” Jones said. “LAC plays an important role in sharing art and making it accessible to everyone.”

Become a member

LAC is supported entirely by donations and yearly memberships, which go toward maintaining its facilities, offering programs and providing basic materials and studio access. Seniors (65 and older) and students (younger than 18) can join for $10 a year, adults pay $25 per year, and entire families can join for $50 per year.

To become a member, with benefits ranging from studio access to discounts on classes and supplies, contact Lanai Art Center at 808-565-7503 or Visit the LAC website or Facebook page, or stop by the gallery for information on upcoming classes and workshops.

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