November 1, 2022

Why Do You Vote?

With the general election coming up on November 8, we asked residents around town why they vote. Here’s what your neighbors and friends said:

Alice Granito

Alice Granito: I vote because I feel that voting allows me to be a contributing member of society.

Anita Etrata

Anita Etrata: I vote so the future of Lanai will be more secure for future generations.

Butch Gima

Butch Gima: As the old OHA t-shirts stated ”NO vote, NO Complain!”

Jojo Reineke

Jojo Reineke: It’s my right as a citizen of the United States. I voted yearly ever since I could vote.

Nancy Tamashiro

Nancy Tamashiro: I vote because it’s my duty.

Samson Aki

Samson Aki : I’m hoping to work toward a future that keeps Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands.

Tiffany Kaniho

Tiffany Kaniho: I vote to make a difference and help future Lanai generations.

Vince Cabinilla

Vince Cabinilla: I vote because it matters.


Don’t forget to vote! Mail in your ballot by November 1 or vote in person from November 1-8 at 411 Eighth Street.

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