The Art of Trash 2021

Art of Trash 2021: Start Creating!

Malama Maui Nui is excited to announce that the Art of Trash 2021 Virtual Exhibition will be live in April at! The Art of Trash Virtual Exhibition is an annual juried exhibition that includes an Art Gallery & a Trashion Show, which inspires people to reimagine our resources, such as previously used materials, as elements for creative inspiration.

Start creating now so that you’re ready to virtually submit your pieces in early 2021! Residents of Maui nui are invited to create art pieces for the Art Gallery and/or fashion pieces for the Trashion Show. Participants can submit multiple pieces for both the Art Gallery and the Trashion Show.

All Art Gallery & Trashion Show entries must be original work made from recycled and/or reused material. Natural items such as drift wood, shells, food, etc. are discouraged. The Juror will be looking for the transformation of material, good craftsmanship and, of course, overall creativity. If your piece gets selected, it will be featured in The Art of Trash Virtual Exhibition 2021 in April. Impressive prizes will be awarded to winners of the Juror’s Choice Awards and Community Choice Awards!

For more information about the Art of Trash 2021, submission rules, event timeline, photos of years’ past, and how to participate, visit and follow Mālama Maui Nui on Facebook @malamamauinui and Instagram @malama_maui_nui.