MEDB workshop: Lana‘i Board Savvy: Operating Basics for Non-Profit Boards

Maui Economic Development Board, Inc. (MEDB) is offering various non-profits and civic organizations on the island of Lana‘i an opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills of their board of directors during the upcoming workshop, “Lana‘i Board Savvy: Operating Basics for Non-Profit Boards.” This interactive session will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Lana‘i Community Center.

During this workshop, attendees will:
• Learn the ten basic responsibilities of non-profit boards
• Create a Code of Cooperation
• Be coached on the basics of running an effective board meeting
• Investigate the essential ingredients of by laws for non-profit organizations and more

Who should attend:
• New members of a board of directors for a non-profit or civic organization
• Experienced members of a board who want a refresher while sharing their own experiences and supporting new members
• Those who are curious or thinking about creating their own non-profit organization

Maui Economic Development Board’s President & CEO Leslie Wilkins, and Director of Business Development Projects Frank De Rego Jr. will lead the workshop.

“As a guardian and advocate of their organization’s vision and mission it is essential for a board member to be effective in the practice of their legal and financial responsibilities,” said De Rego Jr. “This hands-on training event will give attendees the basic skills needed to be an effective member of a board of directors.”

Registration is required. The workshop is FREE and lunch is included.

For reservations, visit: For information, email or call (808) 270-6807.

This event is sponsored by Maui Economic Development Board Inc.