November 6, 2015

Lanai Restaurants Serve Up Ono Lunches to Contractors

Photo of people standing under a tent.

The Friday lunch rush just got a little busier for a few restaurants on Lanai. That’s because several local eateries are participating in a new program to provide fresh and delicious meals to the island’s construction workers one day per week.

The contractor meal program is one of several strategies created by Pulama Lanai to help local restaurants get a boost in business during the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay resort renovation, and give their tasty menu items some exposure to a new group of people on the island.

How the Contractor Meal Program Works

Currently, The Lanai Chamber of Commerce is coordinating eight eateries who are participating in the initiative and provide meals on alterna
ting Fridays. Each restaurant prepares and packages 60 meals that must meet certain nutritional requirements, including a specific proportion of protein, starch, vegetables, fruits and sugar. A total of 240 lunches are delivered to hungry construction workers at midday each week.

The John Hardy Group, the construction management company leading the renovation project, has been collaborating with the Lanai Chamber of Commerce to help facilitate and organize the program.

“The businesses seem to enjoy participating and are even hoping to do meals more than twice a month. The contractors are happy when Fridays come, and look forward to the local dishes being served,” said LaTeeka Washington, project director with the John Hardy Group. “It is a success for all involved, and I am happy to assist with this program.”

Bradley Bunn, Lanai Chamber of Commerce chairman, is also glad to help connect local restaurants with the contractors. “We extend our thanks to the John Hardy Group and Pulama Lanai for their collaboration and support. We are all proud of the local Lanai restaurants that are delivering a great service by doing what they do best.”

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