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Aloha Sisters by Judi Riley

Entrepreneur Judi Riley has harnessed a passion for creativity and handmade items to build several Hawaii-based businesses. She’s the author of Tiki Tales children’s books and the designer behind Happy Honu Lanai, a clothing and blanket line for kids.

Her newest endeavor is Aloha Sisters. The cuddle-worthy fabric dolls aim to teach children about the aloha spirit, taking care of the land, a sense of place, and indigenous species. To that end, each doll symbolizes a different element of the earth; for example, Kaimana represents the sea and Kukui represents animals and plants.

Given the educational goals behind Aloha Sisters, Judi believes it is important that the dolls are manufactured locally on Lanai with environmentally friendly materials. So, the dolls are made from 100 percent cotton fabric printed in the U.S. using non-toxic production methods.

Judi is also working on an Aloha Sisters children’s book, as well as a line of boy dolls called Shaka Brothers, both will be available later this year. For now, Aloha Sisters can be purchased online and are available in two sizes, 18 inches or 36 inches. If you are a do-it-yourself aficionado, or would like to undertake a fun project with your child, there is also the option to build your own doll along with easy to follow instructions in slideshow form.

To learn more about Judi Riley and her line of dolls, visit the Aloha Sisters website or follow Judi on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find the Happy Honu Lanai children's clothing line on Lanai at Island Treasures.