May 13, 2014

Construction Hotline Update

Photo of construction worker silhouetted on building frame.

In early 2014, Pulama Lanai set up a hotline for residents to report any misconduct by construction contractors performing work on the island.

In its contract negotiations with building partners and orientations with construction crews, Pulama Lanai articulated behavioral expectations, a code of conduct and a zero-tolerance policy for any infractions. The ongoing crew re-orientations also include information on Pulama Lanai’s commitment to the community, and reinforce the importance of respecting Lanai’s history, culture and natural resources.

Since establishing these expectations, the following incidents have been reported. Note that the hotline received more calls than those noted here, but only the following pertained to construction contractors. The other calls were about unrelated topics. In each of the above cases, a thorough investigation was conducted and swift action was taken.

Pulama Lanai appreciates its partnership with DLNR and the cooperation of the construction companies involved. Pulama Lanai would also like to thank the community for its participation in using the hotline to maintain our community standards and preserve the rich history, culture and natural resources of Lanai.

As a reminder, the 24/7 hotline number is 808-626-5266. Any illegal activity should be reported to the Maui Police Department.

Incident Description

Two contractors drunk and disrespectful at Koele bar

Action Taken

Both contractors removed from Pulama Lanai projects. One removed from the island

Incident Description

Two contractors diving/fishing in the Marine Life Conservation District; one contractor taking photos

Action Taken

DLNR citations issued to the two contractors who were diving. All three contractors removed from the island and all current and future Pulama Lanai projects

Incident Description

Contractor’s materials secured to rock to build scaffolding over lava

Action Taken

Investigation pending

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