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Deer, sheep and drought

By Jonathan Sprague, Co-Director of Conservation and Natural Resources at Pulama Lanai Lanai has become very, very dry in the past few months. The drought has impacted natural resources across the island including threatened and endangered plants, watershed, agriculture, and landscaping. Particularly noticeable, the vegetation that deer and sheep rely […]

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Chengdu Taste Brings Szechuan Cuisine to Lanai

Earlier this summer, Lanai welcomed a new Szechuan restaurant to the island: Chengdu Taste. Named after the provincial capital of Sichuan, a province in southwest China, Chengdu is known for its dishes that leave your mouth numb, but still filled with flavor. The numbness comes from chilis and Sichuan peppercorns. […]

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Where Are They Now – Matthew Barsatan

Since graduating from LHES in 2011, Matthew Barsatan has been busy pursuing a career in electrical installation. He worked at Island Air while attending Honolulu Community College, earning his associate’s degree in applied science-electrical installation and maintenance technology. After graduation, he continued on the path to become a licensed journey […]

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La Hana Helps Preserve Lanai’s Culture and Resources

From the uplands of Hii to the Waiaopae fishpond, the storied places of Lanai preserve pieces of our island’s history while offering lessons in culture and sustainability. Caring for these special sites and spending time with family and friends is the essence of La Hana. La Hana, meaning “workday” in […]

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