Presonus 96′ USB Audio interface

by Tomas Austin
Published: October 7, 2021 (1 week ago)

So basically this is an audio interface and it is used by bedroom producers to get audio from the Mic or external instruments into your computer or laptop. It has USB Midi and USB midi and 2 ins and outs 2×2  so hook up a guitar a mic it has pre amps for microphones and Presonus is the standard and one of the best companies in that game. It has some software included a lite version of a few DAW’s Digital Audio Workstation….I paid.. $109.88 and if you pay what I am asking I will give you the Stereo jacks also Brand new in the packaging, I paid $22.23 for those alone so watch a few videos on youtube and make a educated decision. Presonus make the best Studio monitors in the game and the new DAW Studio one is a favorite among Beatmakers today!